Silver Coins & Bars

RMP is a silver coin manufacturer synonymous with elegance, quality & workmanship, bringing to you a host of intricately and elegantly designed Silver Coins and Bars. Our Silver artifacts are selected not only for their aesthetic finesse but also for their craftsmanship and quality.

Silver coins and bars holds great importance in Indian culture. Different silver coins are used on different occasions. They may be used as an offering to the gods and goddesses, as a gift or as a memoir for some special occasion.

Laxmi Ganesh silver coin, Queen Victoria Silver coins, or silver coins with other religious symbols are mostly popular among the people. Laxmi Ganesh silver coin in different shapes and weights become especially popular during Diwali, Queen Victoria silver coins become a hot trend as Christmas starts approaching. At RMP we craft a wide variety of designs and our designs are not just limited to spiritual images, we can even create a personalized image coin for your most precious occasions. The purity of our coins is unquestionable and our metallurgical process doesn’t let the coins turn black quickly.

With our manufacturing line, we have the expertise in creating customized silver coins and bars for corporate gifts, ceremonial gifts, occasional gifts, gifts for festive occasions and other purposes. We aspire that you should celebrate the golden moments of love and contentment by gifting 999 pure and personalized silver coins and bars. So, come and explore the wonderful world of this shining white metal at RMP.

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